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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Body Care- Everything from your tips to your toes!

Summer is such a great time of year for fun under the sun- but what about the dandruff, sunburn, bug bites, and dry flaky skin? Fear not- I’ve compiled a list to get you through the heat, feeling foxy all the way through!

You knew I was gonna cover this right? Right. The best way to care for your body is to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from zapping your skin. You can still get color while wearing an SPF, so you needn’t worry about staying pale for the next few months. There are so many different types of sunscreen- find the right one for your situation and ALWAYS protect that beautiful face. Don’t depend on the SPF claims in foundations either- they aren’t enough to do anything real; You’d literally have to wear the whole bottle and even then, it’s not enough. Get a moisturizer with SPF (like Clinique’s Even Better) or a stand alone facial sunscreen (like Boots No.7). And don’t forget the part in your hair, your ears, or your hands. Hands are the first thing to show your age! Protect them!

Eyes are generally neglected and the heat of summer can make it even worse! Get yourself an eye cream (like Algenist Eye Balm) and use it! Warm it up between your fingers, then gently dab it all over the eye area using your ring finger. I also highly recommend a cooling eye mask for hydration, de-puffing, and general cooling.

Sun can cause really dry skin- or really oily skin that breaks out. For dry skin- be sure to gently exfoliate a couple times a week and apply a good hydrating moisturizer. I like gel consistency moisturizers for summer- they apply so nicely and melt right into the skin. Plus, you can pop it in the fridge for a refreshing cool burst! For oily skin- be sure to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate. Exfoliation is key- dirt, oil, and dead skin is the perfect formula for pimples. Gel moisturizers will work wonderfully for you as well, so get your cool on 🙂

The sun is great at making hair oily, giving the scalp dandruff, and sucking the color out of your strands. But you can fight back!! If your ends are dry- try a hair oil treatment and use a split end protector before using heat. Greasy hair? Try using a clarifying shampoo once a week, less product overall, and spritz of dry shampoo when you need a touch up (this one by Macadamia is my favorite because I notice that it’s less drying). Curly girl? Embrace those curls with a curl cream. They have moisture and hold to keep curls looking great. And don’t forget- conditioner is your best friend- you could even try a conditioning hair mask. Generally dry hair? Get a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner should be thick like lotion! I like Joico KPak and for a bargain- I’ve been LOVING the Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Milk duo. So cheap- so shockingly good! And if you have color- go hat shopping, invest in a cute headscarf, and wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo in cold water. The best way to protect it- is to cover it and keep it out of the pool! Lol

To keep your hands and feet in top shape- use a moisturizing scrub. OPI makes incredible options that smell good enough to eat! Don’t forget cuticle cream and moisturizer! In the summer, I really love the way a bright nail polish pops! Don’t be afraid to have fun with your color choices, but don’t skip a base coat. This is especially important for toes because they are particularly suceptible to staining.

I really love a good body sugar scrub in the summer. The oil in it helps lock in moisture and makes the skin so glowy, plus it destroys any gross dead skin cells. Don’t forget to moisturize- find what works for you consistency wise.

Bikini Line- Exfoliate first. Be sure to use a razor with four or more blades. I really recommend men’s razors because that are made to cut coarser hair and are cheaper in the first place. Use coconut oil to shave with (legs too! I just keep the jar in the shower. It has an insanely low melting point so don’t worry about it clogging the drain). Finish up by gently patting the area dry and applying a men’s shave balm. It’s incredible stuff and can stop ingrowns and bumps before they happen.

••• TEA TREE OIL- *the summer miracle* •••

• Face: add a few drops to some witch hazel and apply 1-2x per day for an antibacterial, acne fighting toner!

• Hair: add a few drops to your shampoo to help with annoying summer dandruff and oil.

• Feet: Sweaty, smelly feet? Fear not! Add a few drops to an epsom salt soak and kiss that smell goodbye. Nail fungus? Apply a drop directly to the affected nails. Repeat until it’s gone.

• Body: Sunburned? Add some tea tree to jojoba oil and you have the perfect combo to banish the redness. Bug bite? Apply some tea tree oil to the bite to stop the itch. It can even be used to repel the mosquitos!

If you’re a mask person- you may enjoy some body mud! It’s wonderful in the summer for pulling out impuritiesand refreshing the skin. If you like shimmer- add some liquid highlighter to your moisturizer! It has a blurring effect to minimize imperfections and makes tan skin glow like a goddess. Looking to get bronze quickly? Pick up a tan accelerator. They seriously work, but be careful and don’t over do it at first.

And lastly- deodorant. Nobody wants to smell and nobody wants to deal with white marks and balled up bits of deodorant in their armpits. Pick up a dry spray! You get the same protection as a stick, but it dries completely and leaves NOTHING behind. If you have darkening in your armpits- mix a paste using turmeric, water and a splash of lemon juice. Let it sit 20-30 minutes and wipe away. Turmeric also helps keep unwanted hair at bay, so it’s a double win!

Now you’re all set to have the beautiful summer of your dreams! Any fun plans? Anything you wanna add to the list? Let me know!

Until next time,




Summer Beauty: Tips, tricks, & product recommendations!

Hello lovelies! I’m here to talk about one of my favorite things in life- SUMMER. I’m ready for you warm sunshine, bonfires, and vitamin D! But along with added sunshine and time outdoors come a few beauty dilemmas. Here, we’ll talk about some tips and products I recommend for a beautiful summer. Let’s get started!


Time spent at the beach and more exposure to air can mean dry skin- especially elbows and legs! I’m loving the new fragrances at Bath & Body Works, but good ol’ Aveeno will do the job (only better, lol). Apply liberally as needed! I like to mix a little bit of highlighter in my body lotion in my hands before application to get ‘glowy’ skin. The one pictured by CK is gorgeous and works perfectly, but any liquid highlighter will work too.

Next we have the VIP- sunscreen. It is an absolute, no excuses, MUST HAVE to be applied daily, 365. The worst thing at Ulta was all the women not using suncare products. Melanoma is not a joke and doesn’t discriminate against age, race, or gender. I always choose a sport sunscreen- they tend to be waterproof, have higher spf, and come in a fine mist sprayer. The days of thick, sticky cream sunscreen are gone! And remember, you can’t overdose on sunscreen- apply between each activity, especially when the sun is highest in the sky. And don’t forget the part in your hair! Scalp sunburns really suck and then there’s horrific dandruff aftermath, just avoid that noise. To protect your beautiful hair color in the sun (bright reds!!), I recommend a cute hair scarf or sunhat. The sun’s harsh rays will suck that color out with a straw. A nice leave in conditioner spray is a good beach bag add in, in general. I recommend Soya Want it All from Big, Sexy Hair, 22 benefits plus it smells fab. Moisturize your locks to prevent dryness and breakage!

Individual tan towels (Tan Towel, Tarte Maracuja Tanning wipes, etc.) are a good way to fake that sun kissed look without orangey skin! They’re affordable and easy to use. Fake it til’ you make it honey because you’re better safe than sorry.




A girl’s gotta have a pretty shimmery bronzer and a super natural blush to rock all summer long! I LOVE ‘Park Avenue Princess’ from Tarte! Gorgeous gold shimmer in a subtle, smooth, buildable bronzing powder. And the blush- ‘Prim’ is so pretty, I can’t even tell you. It was love at first swatch! These are so smooth and blend beautifully.

Fragrance, if that’s your thing, can be a fun way to switch up your summer beauty routine. I recommend citrus, woody and light floral fragrances, like Jimmy Choo ‘Blossom’ and Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Dream’. The fragrance pictured is the Coach ‘Signature’ scent. A roller ball is a great way to take your fragrance along with you through the day, but remember heat brings out the fragrance, so less is more.


That hot, hot, heat can mean ornery, red skin. I love Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe and Rosewater for hydration and cool relief. It smells faintly of roses and feels fantastic. Plus, it’s from a spa and retails for a very un-fancy price of $7! An absolute must have. If you need something with a little muscle, Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Spray is magic in a bottle. We’re talking, redness gone in five minutes good.

Oooh, look! More sunscreen! 🙂 Here’s one of my favorite facial sunscreens from Boots No.7! It’s light, doesn’t make me break out, and has spf 25. I put it on before foundation or primer.

I’m one of those girls who gets oil mania every summer, so I add a cream mattifier to my routine. This one from Vichy Labs or the one by Dr. Murad are great options. It’s just added protection for my makeup and if you get oily too, try one of these babies!


In the summer, I like to switch to a lighter foundation such as a BB or CC Cream. The coverage is so breathable and they usually have added spf along with a multitude of other skin benefits. Many brands from drugstore to high end make a version of this, so there’s something for everyone.

I absolutely cannot rave enough about the Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender! Like I mentioned before, I get so oily- this is a clear (CLEAR!) pressed powder. It looks so gimmicky and like it wouldn’t work, but it works AMAZINGLY. It mattifies and smooths the look of makeup but is literally invisible. Makeup magic I’m telling you.

See that little Napoleon cube? That’s my bff, Color Disc in ‘Amazon Jungle.’ This color is seriously gorgeous- a warm bronzy coral pink. If that’s a thing. It makes a lovely blush and is fantastic on eyes! A great one color choice for a quick pretty eye and even better in a travel bag.


EOS lip balms. They’re so cute and colorful you just have to. Plus, nobody wants dry, chapped lips!

Rose Salve- salve is awesome in the summer (Burt’s Bees makes a great option too!) It helps dry skin on cuticles, knees, lips, face and anywhere else! I’ve even used a little to smooth fly aways. They come in compact tins and are great for travel or in your purse.

Bulletproof shadows- got a pool party and not sure what to do about your makeup? Grab a Mally Beauty Evercolor Cream Eyeshadow stick and your shadow won’t even flinch in that chlorine. And trust me, it’ll laugh in the face of sweat too. Plus, the colors are beautiful!


I like to keep blotting papers in my bag during the summer to help keep me shine free even when I’m sticking to the seat of my car. They’re cheap and super easy to use! These NYX ones are $5.99 but ELF makes them too and those are $1!

Base coat is super important to prevent your nails from staining in the sun. Yellow nails are no fun and distort polish colors. Don’t forget to bust out those bright and glitter polishes! A pedi is a great idea too for sandal ready toes (you can read about how to DIY one at home here).

Don’t forget some fabulous sunnies! Your eyes can burn in the sun too believe it or not! Especially light colored eyes! Get your chic on ladies!

And finally, one last treat..


Isn’t this adorable? lol. It’s a cooling mask I got at Bath & Body Works for just $5.50! I saw it and couldn’t resist bringing it home. You pop it in the fridge and when you feel hot, have a headache, or have puffy eyes wear it for instant relief. I love these things and they feel so good!

What are your favorite summer goods? Do tell! And stay tuned for part two of this post- ‘Simple, pretty looks for Summer’.

xxx&o Meg

My Favorites Series: Eyeliner Edition.

Hello loves! I’m back with the next installment of my favorite things series to talk about eyeliner. I have nearly as many liners as I do shadows and that’s saying something. Perhaps that I need rehab. Ha. I’ve gathered up my favorite products and advice to share with you here, just keep reading.

For reference I drew this handy little eye map.

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These are the typical eye lining locations without including the inner corner for those extra feline eye looks. I know some of you are thinking ‘duh’, but trust me, I get asked all the time.

Next, we’ll go through the types of liners:

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Pencils are fabulous for lining the waterline and doing basic top liner. They smudge easily and can create various types of looks! I prefer gel formulas that are waterproof because they glide on smoothly and stay through a long day. My favorite pencils are the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencils ($20). They don’t come with a smudger end, but q-tips work fabulously. The downside is that they need sharpened- this can lead to wasted product unless you invest in a high quality sharpener. Benefit’s is $5 and Urban Decay’s Grindhouse is $10 and they both are worth the investment, if you like pencils best.

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Chubby shadow stick liners are great options for softer looks or really high impact smudgy looks. They have a thick tip and can usually be dual purposed as shadows. Chubby Sticks are usually used in the waterline and on the upper lash line. These are my least favorite as I lean towards crisp looks. My favorite brands are the NYX Jumbo Pencils ($5) and the Too Faced 24 hr. Bulletproof Shadow Liners ($21).

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Automatic eyeliner pencils are a great option when you like pencils, but don’t want to deal with constant sharpening. They glide on smoothly and keep the fine tip via twisting the product up from the tube. These are great for tight lining the inner lash line, waterline, and upper lash line. You may be able to squeak out a wing too if you don’t want it stiletto sharp! My favorite brands of auto liners are Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof ($20), Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil ($2), PurMinerals Eye Pencil ($16), and Urban Decay All Nighter Eye Liner ($20).

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Gel liner is one of the best ways to get top liner to be flush with your lash line! It glides on smoothly and applies easily with the brush of your choice. This type of liner can be applied any way with the correct brush and most pots come with a freebie. You get a lot of product for your money and it’s very long lasting. My favorite brands are NYX ($10) and Maybelline Eye Studio ($10). I don’t see much point in buying high end gel liners when these $10 versions work just fine and last all day long!

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Ahh, liquid liner. The toughest stuff since false lashes. These are definitely the hardest to apply because they have such a liquid consistency and you’ll need a steady hand, or plenty of practice. I’d say this type of liner comes in the most fun varieties such as bold color and glitter! These make great accents for winged liner or pretty, basic top liner. I don’t recommend these for anything but the top or under the lower lash line. You can also use the glitter liners as a glitter accent over shadow if you apply them carefully. My favorite brands are NYX ($5), Benefit ($20), and ULTA ($10).

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And finally, the best thing that has ever happened in the history of liquid liner- the liner PEN. These are my absolute holy grail eyeliner! They are a must have for graphic, crisp lines. The tips come in a variety of sizes and thickness’ for the perfect look. I use these for upper lash lining, winged liner, and under the lower lash line. You can also line your waterline if your brave and in a pinch. I highly recommend splurging on one of these- there is a total difference in cost and quality here. My favorite brands are: Lorac Pro Liquid Liner Pen ($21), Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($21), and Urban Decay Ink for Eyes ($20).

Eye Liner Tips & Tricks:

♢ Store your liquid liners upside down to keep their nibs wet and help them last longer.

♢ White liner works great at making the eye look bigger. Try using a little in the water line or just below to create the illusion.

♢ Securely close your gel liner and try storing it upside down. Too late? Add a little bit of glycerin or eyedrops to your dried out product and mix it with a toothpick. Back to new.

♢ Out of liner? Fear not, a little matte black shadow and a wet liner brush (eyedrops!) and ta-da! Any pretty eyeshadow can be turned into liner this way. You can also use shadows to soften the look of harsh liner by blending it into the edges.

♢ Make a mistake? Use a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to clean it up. Concealer on a tiny brush works great too. No pandas here!

♢ The scotch tape method totally works! Put it on before you start your eyes and not only will your liner be crisp, it’ll catch a bunch of shadow fallout. Ain’t no shame in the game ladies!

♢ Pencil too hard or out of gel liner? Gently heat the tip of the pencil and use a brush to collect product directly from the pencil. Instant gel liner!

♢ Scared to tight line your inner lash line? Try adding a little pencil liner to the pad on your lash curler. When you crimp, the liner will transfer directly where you want it, no blinking or watery eyes necessary.

♢ Stuck in a liner rut? Try building your liner up for a bolder finish. Add a little glitter. Use a fun color. Stack liners for a unique layered effect.

And to get you feeling inspired:

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That’s all for now lovelies! Happy New Year! See you in 2015!

xxx&o Meg

Let’s Talk: Falsies Edition.

Ah, I love to fondly remember gluing my eyes closed the first fifty or so times I applied false lashes. I have come a long way since then- and I’m here to share my tips, tricks, and how to apply false lashes with you. Lashes are a fun way to add emphasis to your eye looks and take them to the next level. They can also be scary and intimidating, but worry no longer.

First, let’s talk about the types of lashes there are:

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Lashes can be made from synthetic fiber, human hair, or various types of animal hair (mink!). Mink lasts the longest and many brands are cruelty free, but I use human hair lashes most of the time.

How to apply lashes properly:

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Tips and Tricks for Lash Application:

* You can hold the mirror below your face- some say it’s easier to apply them with a view from the bottom up.

* Be sure to use enough glue and to give enough time for the glue to become tacky. Don’t be afraid- the glue gets stickier the longer it breathes. You want this tacky consistency so they’ll last all day and apply easily. This was my beginner mistake. Don’t make it yours 🙂

* Bigger banded lashes are much harder to apply than thinner banded ones. Also, smaller sections of lashes and individual lashes are the easiest and most forgiving to place. They are the best place to start when you’re learning.

* Place the false lashes as close to your natural lash line, but not touching, as possible. Fit is everything and will definitely help with this.

* If you tend to have your lashes lift on the inner or outer corner, be sure to add a little more glue to those areas.

* Don’t apply mascara to your false lashes. They will ruin much more quickly! And be sure to keep them clean.

* They do make lash applicators- but I think tweezers work better. Find what works best for you.

* If you need to blend your lash band- use gel liner on top. Tight-lining the lashes with a pencil will help to blend them in too.

How to clean and store your lashes:

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Lashes can be re-used many times, if cleaned and stored properly. This helps save money and cut down on waste. Lashes come in so many fun styles and are a nice enhancement for beautiful eye makeup! It’s all about trial and error- have fun and take it slow.

Hope this helps someone out there. I know I get tons of questions about lashes and application at work!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Leave questions for me below.

xxx&o Meg