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Wet N’ Wild Photofocus Foundation: Worth the Hype?

Hello beauties! I’m sure you’re aware of all the hype around the new Wet N’ Wild Photofocus Foundation. I’m normally not one to buy into that, but for $5, I felt I could indulge and not be annoyed if it completely bombed. There’s nothing worse than makeup heartbreak, friends. So let’s get down to business!

I’m pretty impressed with a 20 shade range from a drugstore brand- especially one that’s so incredibly affordable. I also love the spatula applicator! I’ve heard quite a few gripes about how it seems unsanitary- yet we use doe foot applicators allll the time lol. Anyway- I swipe it on the back of my clean hand and apply it with a beauty blender. 

I guess matched myself with Shade ‘363C Nude Ivory’ and I purchased mine at my local Walmart. I did a pretty good job as the foundation doesn’t oxidize a whole lot and they lean toward the lighter side. Here are swatches:

And here, on my face:


I have combination skin and I absolutely love this foundation. It had a medium coverage that was buildable and made my skin look smooth. I also had no oil buildup after 6 hours of wear- which is insane for my T Zone. I loved the way it applied with a beauty blender and would recommend that method of application. The finish is Demi matte to matte in my opinion. I don’t think it’s 100% flashback proof- but that can be varied depending on the powders you’re using too. I’m not a flash photo kind of gal, so that’s not a deal breaker for me. One con- it literally smells like house paint. I don’t notice the smell after it’s applied- but if you are sensitive to smells, I would pass on this.

I’m definitely a fan of this!!

Have you tried this foundation yet? What’s your drugstore holy grail foundation? Let me know in the comments!




Sephora Cyber Monday Mystery Sample Bag Reveal & ‘Give Me More Lip’ Swatches.

I’m here to confess- I have a tiny obsession with mini- sized makeup (haha, pun totally intended). Luckily, my fiance scooped up the limited edition Sephora ‘Give Me More Lip’ set for me. I also scored the free mystery sample bag and the usual three samples of my choice. Talk about mini overload- I’m in heaven.

Here are the three basic samples I picked:

Processed with Rookie

I love ‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf- it smells delicious. I also picked the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme sample because we’ll be getting Becca at work in January, and I’m pretty excited about it. Lastly, I chose Clinique Stay Matte Oil- Free Makeup, so I can see if it keeps me shine free and is worth investing in. I love Clinique and unfortunately we don’t carry the women’s line. Boo. I used it primarily back in high school and I’m looking to get back into it again.

Next, let’s reveal the mystery bag!

Processed with Rookie

They really hooked it up this year compared to the previous year’s bags- I was actually happy I went with this as my freebie! My bag contained: A foil packet of Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, A three color match card sample of Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer, A deluxe sample of Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara, A fat little packet of Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 for men, a deluxe Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (my FAVE moisturizer- ever), a deluxe sample of Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’ (Awesome!), and finally a deluxe Sephora Color Adapt Lip Balm. I’ve never tried a pH adjusting lip balm before, so I’m pretty excited about that too. Overall, I think these samples rock! I love that I got a mini liquid liner pen! It’s like they know me, haha.

And next, the big kahuna- ‘Give Me More Lip’:


I apologize for doing a review on a limited edition product- as a matter of fact, it’s already not available on the site. However, all of the colors featured in this kit are available for purchase individually, so here we are. This kit retailed for $59 (which qualified for free shipping- awesome again) and comes with 16 mini lip products and one full sized lip product. There are berries, reds, nudes, and pinks with a multitude of formulas (gloss, lipstick, stain, and balm). I’ve not tried many of the brands featured and thought this was a good way to give them a try. Next, I have swatches and the size of the product complete with my first impressions of each product:

Processed with Rookie

This MUFE lipliner is awesome- it really doesn’t budge and the color is beautiful. I would purchase a full size without a doubt. The OCC Lip Tar however, was a mega letdown for me. I didn’t think it was matte or very pigmented. Not to mention, it’s a pain to put on- even with the little lip brush. I’m glad I tried it, but probably won’t get any others.

Processed with Rookie

The Benefit Posie sample is basically microscopic and of course I love it. It’s very moisturizing and smells lightly like roses with just a hint of pink. I may purchase the balm and cheek tint gift set that Benefit put out for holiday, just to get the bigger sized versions. The Tarte Power Pigment is beautiful! It’s such a lovely color and is the full sized item in the kit. It smells like menthol- and you can definitely feel the tingle. IF you’re sensitive- skip this product. The Hourglass Liquid Lipstick is lovely. It wears well and finishes matte- I would definitely look into other colors in the future to buy full sized. Glad to have tried it!

Processed with Rookie

The Stila Lipgloss is gorgeous- a perfect nude for me. However- it feels, smells, and looks like lipgloss. That means I don’t like it. Maybe I’ll look into the liquid lipsticks instead. The Fresh Sugar Berry- is my new obsession. Where has this been all of my life?! Serious moisture, delicious light fragrance and a hint of berry tint. I’m so over the moon, I will definitely will be buying full sized! The Sephora Rouge is more like a stain. It’s a brick red that does not budge. I used lip color remover and it was still lingering! Good for a long day or night and very pretty.

Processed with Rookie

The Laura Mercier Glace is so very pretty and it doesn’t feel like a lipgloss. I like it a lot, but seeing as I don’t wear too much gloss, this mini will be the perfect size for me! I have the Too Faced Melted ‘Berry’ and this ‘Fuchsia’ was just as awesomely pigmented. I like the spongy slanted applicator and the generous size of this sample. I’m on the fence with these formulas though- I like budge proof and I don’t really think these are. The Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick will become my new go to. The formula is AMAZING and dries to a rich,velvety matte. I cannot wait to grab more colors in the full size!! This one is a true red and is very flattering.

Processed with Rookie

Tarte’s ‘Moody’ looks very menacing in the tube, but wears like the Sugar Berry Lip Treatment. A slight wash of color that feels moisturizing. This too smells like menthol, so if you’re sensitive, I’d skip this too. The Laura Mercier Lipstick is a very pretty red and I love the packaging. Other than that, this one didn’t stand out too much from the crowd. The Bare Minerals Lipstick wears like a dream! It’s very moisturizing and light and the color is perfect. I would definitely buy the full sized version and look into other colors. That’s saying something considering I hate Bare Minerals 🙂

Processed with Rookie

This Bite Lipstick is SO pigmented and the mini size is so cute, you could cuddle it. I also like the formula- it goes on light and packs a punch. Yes and yes. The Too Faced Lipstick is a lovely color and I like how it goes on- I love this brand and have been looking to try some more of their products. I like these a lot better than the Melted line and love the heavyweight tube. And finally, the Buxom lipstick. It’s buttery and the shade is gorgeous! Perfect for these long winter months and would definitely be worth a re-buy. I love this packaging too.

Overall, I’m very happy I got this! I think it was well worth the money and had tons of variety. I even want to repurpose the pretty box it all comes in to store my lip products- I’m a sucker for gold.

I also wanted to show you my nails of the day as a fun holiday option:

Processed with Rookie

OPI Black Cherry Chutney ($9.50) and Kiss Gold Nail Decals ($1 at Dollar General Stores). Sorry for the awful paint job- I did it in the living room with no main light on. Ooops.

That’s all for now lovelies! Please leave questions or comments for me below!

xxx&o Meg

J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint Review & Swatches.

I mentioned in my last post that I was excited to grab these little lovelies at work recently. It was such a happy surprise and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I got ‘Pishlaver’, ‘Much Mucher’, and ‘Ches Desire Cat’.

Processed with Rookie

These retail for $4.99 and I got mine at ULTA. Here are the swatches:

Processed with Rookie

And what did I think?

I absolutely love these colors. The pigment is so beautiful! Creamy orange, lavender, and mint! They feel moisturizing too, but maybe a little too much so. Probably because they are so thin- like a super light lipgloss with crazy pigment. So the colors transfer, smear, etc. They also take so skill to apply and are very messy. I applied them too with the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in ‘Milk’ (not in the swatches, that’s the pigment alone) just to see if it would help give them some grip and it helped slightly. Consistency is a killer for me.

Would I repurchase?

I probably wouldn’t buy anymore of these- the other colors are more ‘normal’. I feel like I would want to monitor any crazy colored lip I would wear and could probably make these ones work, but only because I am so in love with the colors. All of that maintenance for a nude or red lip though? No thank you, there’s better options. Haha.

Have you tried these? What did you think? Oi, I’ve never been so on the fence before.

xxx&o Megan

Coming Soon- Product Reviews.

So, it snowed today in dear old Ohio (Y hoy es Dia de los Muertos tambien!) and that was sad. I’m just not ready for this weather! But I thought I would check in and let you know what to expect in coming posts- as long as nothing else exciting gets in the way, and with it being holiday at ULTA and my blogging ADHD I can’t make any promises, haha. Alas, surprises are fun too and I’m a sucker for gift sets which we are jamming packed full of, and getting more by the day. But, anyway, here’s the product lineup:


Sooo I may or may not have rewarded myself for my promotion and the stressful, busy past couple of weeks *shoulder shrug* But let me tell you, I’ve been cuddling my Vice 3 for the past two days. I’m in love. It’s gonna be a lot of work to review thoroughly, but I’m up for the challenge. I also grabbed three J.Cat Wonder Lip Paints and four (ah-hem, clearance) ULTA Professional Nail Lacquers.


I got these ULTA Professional Nail Lacquers for $2.13 each- regularly $9.00 each. I wanted seven, but only allowed myself to grab four- now that’s self control, lol. I got (from left to right): ‘Vampire’s Kiss’, ‘Uptown Girl’, ‘For Bitten’, and  ‘Get a Grip! Bonding Base Coat’. Expect swatches and a review soon. These look beautiful and I’m always looking for a nice base coat.


I’ve seen J. Cat products around the beauty community, but have never been able to find any around my area. Walked into my store the other day and saw these. I’ll review and swatch them too, but so far they seem extra watery :/ We shall see. I grabbed: ‘Much Mucher’, ‘Pishslaver’, and ‘Ches Desire Cat’. I love a weird lip.


I’ve been stalking the release of Urban Decay’s Vice 3 since the beginning and after millions of internet views and at work hand swatches performed- I finally caved. And I am so happy that I did. I love every single color in this palette and I am dying to give it some love. And just because I can’t even:


Wouldn’t you cave too?!

PS: I have two other Halloween looks I’ll try and get up here too. And if you haven’t already, come find me on Instagram @childoftheuniverse.

xxx&o Megan

Motives Mavens Element Color Box Palette Review, Looks & Swatches.

So, it’s finally here- my precious Instagram contest prize- the Motives Mavens Element Color Box. It comes with eight HUGE shadows that are so beautiful, it’s like this palette was made for fall! I cannot get over this beauty and will probably be using it like crazy all season long!

Processed with Rookie

There are four matte shades (my favorite is Aubergine) and four shimmer shades (my favorite is Bordeaux) that all pair perfectly together to make millions of looks for day or night. The shadows are very pigmented and you’ll get a lot of looks for your dollar. Here are my swatches:

Processed with Rookie

There’s ‘Birch’ ( an off white matte), ‘Native’ (a warm, muted matte brown), ‘Aubergine’ (a taupe gray matte), ‘Raven’ (a matte black), ‘Shell’ (an off white shimmer that is the perfect highlighting shade), ‘Serene’ ( a muted bronzy shimmer), ‘Bordeaux’ ( a wine-y shimmer), and ‘Truffle’ ( a dark brown with bronze shimmer). Can you say obsessed? I’m there. This palette retails for $35 on the Motives website- or you can grab it from a sales rep. Otherwise, it’s not offered in stores. This one is worth every shining penny and for shadows of this size and quality, it’s a total steal. Birch can be a little powdery, but as with most shades like this one- a little primer helps make it pop. Here are the looks I created using the palette:

Look No.1:


For this look, I used ‘Serene’ on the lid and under my lash line and used ‘Native’ in my crease and as liner. I used ‘Shell’ in my inner corner and under my brow. This is a great easy, everyday look!

Look No. 2:


For this look, I used ‘Native’ on my lid, ‘Bordeaux’ in the crease and under my lash line, and ‘Serene’ in my inner corners. I highlighted under my brow with ‘Shell’. Liner is NYX liquid liner in ‘Jet Black’.

Look No. 3:


For this look, I used ‘Aubergine’ on my lid and ‘Native’ in my crease and under my lash line. I used a gray liner from Wet n’ Wild Coloricon. Another easy day look!

Look No. 4:


For this look, I used ‘Bordeaux’ on my lid and under my lash line, ‘Raven’ to create the cut crease,  and ‘Serene’ in my inner corner. NYX gel liner for my wings and Too Faced Bulletproof Shadow Liner on my waterline. (Hey- I had to do one intense look that I could practice my skills with, hehehe).

After trying out this palette, let me say- for the love of ‘Bordeaux’ go buy it!! You won’t regret it one bit! I am absolutely impressed by this one ladies!

xxx&o Megan

Butter London Wink Cream Eyeshadow Review and Swatch.

I’ve been really intrigued lately by the new cosmetics line from the popular nail polish retailer Butter London. They have lots of pretty shades for fall and there’s purple mascara too (hello, nineties!).  Recently I picked up two of the Wink Cream Eyeshadows in ‘Twigged’ and ‘Coriander’.


Per the Butter London website:


Rich green shimmer.


This spice is the dried cilantro seed and is often used in delicious Indian cuisine.”


A taupe shimmer. I got it! The moment of true excitement when the light bulb goes on.”

They come in a 8 ml. tube with a doe foot applicator and retail at $18 each.


These shadows are very creamy- and although I hate that applicator for an eyeshadow, you can easily touch the tip and apply it to your lids with your fingertips (which I recommend). The colors are the sweetest, subtly shimmery shades that wear very well. I like these for one color days- just a little wash of pigment for that easy on the go eye look. I don’t think I’ve ever had shadows that wear like these- they are almost like a gloss, but once they dry- they don’t budge. Here are the swatches: Twigged on the left, Coriander on the right.


Twigged is absolutely stunning- a super subtle taupe shimmer. And although I was nervous about Coriander, it actually is such a delicate color that anyone can wear it. These pictures barely do any justice for the shimmer. Overall, I really liked these. Reviews are mixed all across the board, so I’d recommend buying from somewhere with a return policy, just incase they aren’t for you. There are plenty of other shades, including a universal light pink that would look great on just about anyone. Have you tried these? What did you think?

xxx&o Megan

Halloween Mani & A Mini Lip Haul.

Part un: Le Halloween Manicure.

Halloween is my favorite time of year- especially the fun nails and makeup! It’s pretty much the only time you can get away with anything remotely crazy on a normal day. This year, I wanted to something fun and different for my mani, and feeling inspired by a few other beauty bloggers I adore, I decided to go the decal route. My favorite thing about decals? They’re quick and cute. Lately, I’ve been been short on time and working a lot more- because I got promoted to management at ULTA! (victory dance)

Anyway, here’s my manicure:


And details:

Processed with Rookie

Funky skulls and bats and stars, oh my! I found these decals (100 for $1!) at my local Dollar General. The glitter is from the Wet n’ Wild Halloween Polishes and is holographic multi-color. I apply my decals using tweezers, that way it doesn’t mess up my nailpolish. Here’s the hand-painted manicure on my natural nails that I had last year:


Part Deux: Le mini Lippy Haul.

I recently grabbed Too Faced Melted Berry Liquid Lipstick, Lorac Pro Matte Lipstick in Mauve, and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet. Here I swatched them for you:

Processed with Rookie

I absolutely love the high pigmentation and ease of use of the Too Faced ‘Melted Berry’, however, it definitely will transfer. If your hair blows across your face, the hair will stick and smear color all over the place. It just needs to be monitored while being worn. As it wears off, it leaves a lovely pink stain that will last until the next day. I like this as it looks like your wearing lip color even if it’s not really full power color.

The Lorac Pro Matte Lipstick however, is a 10/10. This color is absolutely stunning and universally flattering (and there’s plenty more shades to choose from- next I will get ‘Violet’). It has the perfect matte finish and doesn’t make my lips feel dry. The tip is chiseled so you can apply it with the accuracy of a lip liner and it’s a twist up, so no sharpening or any of that. At $16 a pop, this is a worthy splurge.

And finally, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in ‘Va Va Violet’. Everyone’s swatches of this color are different, but it appears nearly black in the tube. It wears a really deep red toned purple- realllly similar to the NYX Vamp ‘Temptress’. This of course was a disappointment to me, as I already own that color. This lipstick applies in the same way too- it hangs on certain areas and doesn’t coat the lips evenly. This line of lipstick is great- creamy application with a lot of pigment. I just think it’s this specific color that applies poorly. Meh.