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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Body Care- Everything from your tips to your toes!

Summer is such a great time of year for fun under the sun- but what about the dandruff, sunburn, bug bites, and dry flaky skin? Fear not- I’ve compiled a list to get you through the heat, feeling foxy all the way through!

You knew I was gonna cover this right? Right. The best way to care for your body is to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from zapping your skin. You can still get color while wearing an SPF, so you needn’t worry about staying pale for the next few months. There are so many different types of sunscreen- find the right one for your situation and ALWAYS protect that beautiful face. Don’t depend on the SPF claims in foundations either- they aren’t enough to do anything real; You’d literally have to wear the whole bottle and even then, it’s not enough. Get a moisturizer with SPF (like Clinique’s Even Better) or a stand alone facial sunscreen (like Boots No.7). And don’t forget the part in your hair, your ears, or your hands. Hands are the first thing to show your age! Protect them!

Eyes are generally neglected and the heat of summer can make it even worse! Get yourself an eye cream (like Algenist Eye Balm) and use it! Warm it up between your fingers, then gently dab it all over the eye area using your ring finger. I also highly recommend a cooling eye mask for hydration, de-puffing, and general cooling.

Sun can cause really dry skin- or really oily skin that breaks out. For dry skin- be sure to gently exfoliate a couple times a week and apply a good hydrating moisturizer. I like gel consistency moisturizers for summer- they apply so nicely and melt right into the skin. Plus, you can pop it in the fridge for a refreshing cool burst! For oily skin- be sure to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate. Exfoliation is key- dirt, oil, and dead skin is the perfect formula for pimples. Gel moisturizers will work wonderfully for you as well, so get your cool on 🙂

The sun is great at making hair oily, giving the scalp dandruff, and sucking the color out of your strands. But you can fight back!! If your ends are dry- try a hair oil treatment and use a split end protector before using heat. Greasy hair? Try using a clarifying shampoo once a week, less product overall, and spritz of dry shampoo when you need a touch up (this one by Macadamia is my favorite because I notice that it’s less drying). Curly girl? Embrace those curls with a curl cream. They have moisture and hold to keep curls looking great. And don’t forget- conditioner is your best friend- you could even try a conditioning hair mask. Generally dry hair? Get a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner should be thick like lotion! I like Joico KPak and for a bargain- I’ve been LOVING the Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Milk duo. So cheap- so shockingly good! And if you have color- go hat shopping, invest in a cute headscarf, and wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo in cold water. The best way to protect it- is to cover it and keep it out of the pool! Lol

To keep your hands and feet in top shape- use a moisturizing scrub. OPI makes incredible options that smell good enough to eat! Don’t forget cuticle cream and moisturizer! In the summer, I really love the way a bright nail polish pops! Don’t be afraid to have fun with your color choices, but don’t skip a base coat. This is especially important for toes because they are particularly suceptible to staining.

I really love a good body sugar scrub in the summer. The oil in it helps lock in moisture and makes the skin so glowy, plus it destroys any gross dead skin cells. Don’t forget to moisturize- find what works for you consistency wise.

Bikini Line- Exfoliate first. Be sure to use a razor with four or more blades. I really recommend men’s razors because that are made to cut coarser hair and are cheaper in the first place. Use coconut oil to shave with (legs too! I just keep the jar in the shower. It has an insanely low melting point so don’t worry about it clogging the drain). Finish up by gently patting the area dry and applying a men’s shave balm. It’s incredible stuff and can stop ingrowns and bumps before they happen.

••• TEA TREE OIL- *the summer miracle* •••

• Face: add a few drops to some witch hazel and apply 1-2x per day for an antibacterial, acne fighting toner!

• Hair: add a few drops to your shampoo to help with annoying summer dandruff and oil.

• Feet: Sweaty, smelly feet? Fear not! Add a few drops to an epsom salt soak and kiss that smell goodbye. Nail fungus? Apply a drop directly to the affected nails. Repeat until it’s gone.

• Body: Sunburned? Add some tea tree to jojoba oil and you have the perfect combo to banish the redness. Bug bite? Apply some tea tree oil to the bite to stop the itch. It can even be used to repel the mosquitos!

If you’re a mask person- you may enjoy some body mud! It’s wonderful in the summer for pulling out impuritiesand refreshing the skin. If you like shimmer- add some liquid highlighter to your moisturizer! It has a blurring effect to minimize imperfections and makes tan skin glow like a goddess. Looking to get bronze quickly? Pick up a tan accelerator. They seriously work, but be careful and don’t over do it at first.

And lastly- deodorant. Nobody wants to smell and nobody wants to deal with white marks and balled up bits of deodorant in their armpits. Pick up a dry spray! You get the same protection as a stick, but it dries completely and leaves NOTHING behind. If you have darkening in your armpits- mix a paste using turmeric, water and a splash of lemon juice. Let it sit 20-30 minutes and wipe away. Turmeric also helps keep unwanted hair at bay, so it’s a double win!

Now you’re all set to have the beautiful summer of your dreams! Any fun plans? Anything you wanna add to the list? Let me know!

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Diy: At Home Professional Pedicure.

I absolutely love the pampering of a professional pedicure, but I can’t always slap down the dough it takes to get one. Luckily, I got through the pedicure section of cosmetology school and know how to give a professional one myself. Here, I’ll walk you through my basic pedicure procedure so you can do it at home too. I’ll also throw in some add-ons if you want to take it to the next level. And just a tip- most men (and other ladies!) love pedicures and would love a little pampering as a gift. I do them often for my guy- I like him to have soft tootsies too! haha. Before you get started, be sure to grab a tub to soak your feet (I use a Rubbermaid bin) and to sanitize all of your tools thoroughly. Even if you’re the only one using them, bacteria is still there lingering (I use barbicide because I’m a germaphobe). With that said, here we go!

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Sorry my feet are so not cute. Oi.

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Step two can be varied depending on your preferences. I like to use a muscle soak by LIFE that I adore (it smells like eucalyptus) to soak my feet, but you can use epsom salts, bubble bath, oils, flower petals, tea, or anything else you want to. Make it as fancy or as basic as you like. I only recommend 10-15 minutes of soaking because you don’t want your nails getting too saturated and soft, since you’ll be painting them soon after.

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Before you pull your feet out of the tub, I recommend using a pedicure scrub. It really preps your feet for removing the dead skin and they usually smell and feel great. I like the OPI pedicure scrubs (many fragrances available) and the Sally Hansen one too (lavender).

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I really recommend getting a nice callus remover. I love this one from Earth Theraputics ($10, available at Ulta). It has a double sided plate and a smaller double sided file that slips out of the base. Be gentle when filing and take your time, so you don’t take off too much. Ouch. For the lotion massage, I recommend a heavy lotion. Be sure to sweep your hands up your calves and focus on the arch of your foot. This promotes blood flow, relieves pressure, and obviously helps with relaxation. Be sure to show some love- at least four minutes. You can jazz this step up by wrapping your freshly massaged feet in a warm, wet towel. I just run two small dishtowels under hot water, wring them out, and wrap up my feet. It really helps the lotion soak in and just feels plain old amazing.

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Can I just say that that cuticle pusher gives me life? Because it does.

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Be sure to add a base coat and topcoat to have a longer lasting pedi. You’ve come this far, go that extra mile! Haha. At least there are drying drops! You can also add a little cuticle cream to your toes if you’d like. If you have lotion residue on your nails, dip a cotton swab in some acetone and run it over each nail before painting.

Clean your tools later, after all, your toes do have to dry. All you have to do is slip on a face mask, some cucumber slices and throw on a cozy bathrobe.

Sounds good, eh?

xxx&o Meg

Must Haves for Fall.

The fall season has its perks, but it also means the start of dry skin and achy muscles. Today I have compiled a list of some of my must have products for this time of year! Normally, I would stick to cosmetics, but I threw in my hair and body savers too.


Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Pocket Gel: Tis’ the season of germs. Protect yourself (and your kids, and friends..) from bacteria and smell good while doing it. You’d be amazed at how easily you can get sick. I am slightly germaphobic and I douse myself in this stuff- I am never without it and you shouldn’t be either. Plus, those fun fall scents give that little something extra.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night: When the air starts to dry, so do my cheeks and nostrils. I add this wonderful night cream to my skincare routine and it really helps fight the dryness without being too moisturizing. It also doesn’t bother my skin or clog my pores. This is an ‘intense retexturizing moisturizer’ and you can adjust your frequency of usage to your own unique needs.

Life Daily Fix Muscle Relief Soak: When it gets chilly, I become a bubble bath queen. This lovely soak smells amazing (eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and armoise) and is infused with dead sea salts to help soothe achy muscles. It bubbles. It smells good. It feels even better. Love it! This is one that my fiance has tried and enjoys too.

Agave Healing Oil: I was born with baby hair that I just never grew out of- ‘fine’ just doesn’t do it justice. That translates to any ‘conditioning’ product leaving me with limp noodle hair, bordering on greasy. Not this gem! The oil is weightless and coats hair easily. It has a nice fragrance and a dropper tip to help make it last. A little goes a long way and it makes my hair look healthy and shiny. This is another product you can adjust your frequency on- coarse hair would do well with daily usage. Dry air means dry hair- including breakage and split ends.

Urban Decay ‘The Brow Box’: This bad little box literally has every tool you could need for brows and it’s all housed in an adorable compact. Clearly, a cosmetic win. There are two mirrors, two shades of brow powder, wax, tiny tweezers (that you can actually use!) and two mini angled brushes. The case is sturdy and well-made, and you get a ton of product for your money. There’s nothing I love more during this season than grab n’ go products.

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer: I absolutely love this primer! It’ll make any shadow last all day and it’s pretty easy to score a mini size for travel. I’m tied between this and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion- both are fabulous options. Either way, a good eyelid primer will help make those beautiful fall shadows really pop.

IT Cosmetics No.50 Serum Collagen Veil: I know I’m only 26, but desperate weather calls for desperate measures in skincare. Come fall, I add in a serum! (I still use my Maybelline Pore Eraser because it feels slick). This serum has over 50 hydrating anti-aging peptides (these plump up fine lines and skin cells), lipid rich oils, vitamins, extracts, and botanicals. I like how bright and healthy it makes my skin look! A little goes a long way and this product can be used several ways according to your preference. I think it’s a little pricey, so I only wear it before I put on my makeup.

NYX Butter Lip Balm: I’ve touched on this product before, but I can’t stress enough how much I love it. ‘Panna Cotta’ is my absolute favorite. It’s very similar to the Kylie Jenner lip color on me and is so moisturizing. I need a moisturizing lippy during this season and during my daily life- something with subtle color. There’s plenty of shades to choose from too.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: Usually with an exfoliating product you can only use it sparingly, as they can be damaging to skin with overuse. Not the case with this microfoliant! This product is actually a white powder that you mix into a paste with a little water and can use daily. It’s very gentle, but leaves skin feeling beautifully clean and soft. I highly recommend this- it’s great on sensitive and acne prone skin as well.

Hope this post helps you find some new fall/ winter must haves! Give these items a try if you haven’t already!

What are your favorite fall must haves?

xxx&o Megan