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Wet N’ Wild Photofocus Foundation: Worth the Hype?

Hello beauties! I’m sure you’re aware of all the hype around the new Wet N’ Wild Photofocus Foundation. I’m normally not one to buy into that, but for $5, I felt I could indulge and not be annoyed if it completely bombed. There’s nothing worse than makeup heartbreak, friends. So let’s get down to business!

I’m pretty impressed with a 20 shade range from a drugstore brand- especially one that’s so incredibly affordable. I also love the spatula applicator! I’ve heard quite a few gripes about how it seems unsanitary- yet we use doe foot applicators allll the time lol. Anyway- I swipe it on the back of my clean hand and apply it with a beauty blender. 

I guess matched myself with Shade ‘363C Nude Ivory’ and I purchased mine at my local Walmart. I did a pretty good job as the foundation doesn’t oxidize a whole lot and they lean toward the lighter side. Here are swatches:

And here, on my face:


I have combination skin and I absolutely love this foundation. It had a medium coverage that was buildable and made my skin look smooth. I also had no oil buildup after 6 hours of wear- which is insane for my T Zone. I loved the way it applied with a beauty blender and would recommend that method of application. The finish is Demi matte to matte in my opinion. I don’t think it’s 100% flashback proof- but that can be varied depending on the powders you’re using too. I’m not a flash photo kind of gal, so that’s not a deal breaker for me. One con- it literally smells like house paint. I don’t notice the smell after it’s applied- but if you are sensitive to smells, I would pass on this.

I’m definitely a fan of this!!

Have you tried this foundation yet? What’s your drugstore holy grail foundation? Let me know in the comments!




NYX Pro Foundation Mixers: Review & Swatches.

Hey beauties!

I know I’ve been gone awhile- and quite a bit has happened since we’ve spoken last. But that’s a whole different post, haha. Today I want to tell you about the NYX Pro Foundation Mixers. What is a foundation mixer you ask? Keep reading!

Building a kit for a makeup artistry career is not a cheap thing to do- especially when you want the best for your clients. I had been struggling with how to handle purchasing enough foundations to span the skin tones, without breaking the bank. I have eight shades of UD Naked Skin (my preferred foundation) and clearly that’s not enough to do the job. I had heard about foundation mixers, but had never really needed them until this point in my career. Enter the NYX Pro Foundation Mixers!


I purchased five of the six available shades- Luminous, Warmth, Olive, Deep, and White. The other shade is a white based luminizer, and I felt that the ‘Luminous’ one I purchased would do the trick for any skin tone. They retail for $10 each (1.01 fl.oz.) on the NYX website and in Ulta Beauty stores.


Here is what the tip looks like:


I love that it’s very precise- it makes for less waste, as with these, a little goes a long way! Think of it like paint- you can completely customize your foundation by darkening, lightening, or adjusting the undertones! I took the liberty or doing some sample mixes for you to see the mixers in action.


And now:



The mixers do not change the consistency of the original foundation! I recently used them for a wedding and they went off without a hitch! They even photographed well! I am beyond happy with these- not only for the price, but how well they get the job done. I highly recommend them! They have also been saving me on getting a new foundation because I’m no longer paper white, yay summer!  I just mix my too-light Born This Way with a little ‘Deep’ and ‘Warmth’, to make a custom shade that matches perfectly all summer long!


Price: ★★★★★

Quality: ★★★★

Effectiveness: ★★★★★

Ease of Use: ★★★

(Matching is the hardest part!)

Would I Repurchase?:  Definite Yes!

Have you tried these mixers? Would you be willing to give your color theory a test? Let me know in the comments!







Let’s Talk: Foundation.

Foundation can be such a confusing part of the makeup routine and having a great base is crucial to the overall look. I’m here to help clear the air and make this whole foundation fiasco a lot easier to master and find the right products that will work for you. Let’s get started lovelies!

The first question you want to ask yourself when choosing a foundation is whether you would like a liquid, powder, or cream formula. People with dry skin would want to choose liquid or cream formulas as they are more moisturizing, where as oily skinned people would choose powder or a matte formula liquid. Some people will find it best to have both types because skin is drier in winter, but gets a little more oily in the summer. That’s how I am and I have combination skin.

The next question is what kind of coverage you’ll need. Nobody truly needs a full coverage foundation- unless you like the look of it. If you have skin issues like acne or rosacea you need the correct concealer, not a heavier foundation, but we’ll get to that part later. If you have normal to decent skin, you’ll probably have the best luck with a beauty balm (BB), color correction (CC) cream or tinted moisturizer. If you’d like something with a little more coverage, then you would choose sheer to medium coverage foundations. This is really more of a personal preference, but is a huge part of finding your holy grail.

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Both have light, breathable coverage, sunscreen, and skin benefits. Beauty balms (BB Creams) are close to tinted moisturizers and are light enough to let freckles shine through. Color correcting creams (CC Cream) are usually slightly better coverage and help create one even tone on the face. I absolutely love the products pictured, as well as IT Cosmetics CC Cream and Maybelline’s Dream BB Cream which I have used in the past.

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There are many types of foundations with different coverages. Do a little research and you can figure out the best one for you. My favorite medium to full coverage foundations are Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hr foundation, Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation, L’Oreal Infallible, and IT Cosmetics CC Veil Beauty Fluid. For sheer to medium coverage I would recommend the Maybelline FitMe liquid and powder foundations, Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, or Complexion Rescue by Bare Minerals.

+ My biggest tip is to make sure you get the proper toned foundation. Tone is what will make it match your natural skin. You can either get matched at Ulta, Sephora, etc., or figure out your skin’s undertones on your own with the vein test. If the veins on the inside of your wrist are green, you have a warm undertone. Warm toned skin is more golden in color. If the veins are blue or purple, you have cool undertones. Cool toned skin is more pink or blue in color. If your veins look blue green, then you have neutral undertones and your skin will have a little bit of both tones.

Okay, let’s cover the rest of the stuff that will help take your foundation routine to the next level. First, concealer.

If you have something you’d rather not show, concealer can be your best friend. It’s a key part to a flawless face and can even help you look more youthful and awake.

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This stuff is awesome at covering extra tough to disguise dark or reddened areas on the face. You apply it to the area, then put regular concealer over top making sure to blend out the edges. They do make products that do both color correct and match the skin like IT Cosmetics ‘Bye Bye Redness’ or NYX dark circle concealer.

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Doe foot concealer wands are fantastic for concealing the under eye and spot covering blemishes! I highly recommend them for beginners and they come in all types of coverage. Choosing a concealer that works for you is fairly easy- you already know your tone, so then you can choose light, medium, or dark. You would want concealer to be lighter under the eye area and for covering other dark areas. You would want it slightly darker for creating a shadow as you might for contouring. Some lines make choosing a matching concealer even easier by providing a coordinating shade with the foundation you match, such as Urban Decay’s Naked Skin or Maybelline FitMe. If you’re ever unsure, just grab a quick second opinion to ease your mind.

You’re definitely going to want to get a face primer too.

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Face primer helps keep foundation looking freshly applied all day. A lot of primers have skincare benefits or are made with silicone and help foundation glide onto any skin- even the driest, bumpiest of the lot. They have oil free formulas for the shiny ladies and moisturizing, nutrient rich formulas for the dry skinned ones.

Up next is powder.

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I love the satiny finish a powder leaves and there are so many varieties to choose from. I personally like translucent, but the tinted ones can be nice too. They’re a great way to buff out foundation and dissipate shine.

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Setting spray helps makeup last all day and really helps seal it all in. This is a must have in the summer and they have dewy and matte finishes available. My all time holy grail setter? The NYX Matte finish!

What about big pores and super shiny t-zones?!

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To mattify my intensely shiny forehead and nose, I like to use a cream mattifier and carry blotting papers in my purse for daytime touch ups. Blotting papers are such a cheap option and beyond handy- these creams pictured are expensive. I ordered the Vichy off Amazon forever ago and received the Becca sample when I ordered from Hautelook. I’m dreading repurchasing as I love them both, but if I can figure out a better discount option, I’ll let you know, haha. To cover large, annoying pores on my cheeks, I blend a little POREfessional or Baby Skin over my foundation on those areas. It works like a dream- but the splurge is worth it as POREfessional is a holy grail product and comes in an awesome $10 and $31 size for all budgets. I usually just grab the mini because I use it solely on my cheeks and it lasts me awhile. As you can see- I’m down to my tiniest sample and it’s almost time to repurchase this too. It’s gonna get expensive this month!

Then there’s application:

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This is purely based on preference. If you’d like a suggestion for your routine, please let me know in the comments and I’ll be glad to offer one. I personally use my tapered fluff for my foundation, teardrop sponges for concealer, and the full powder for my setting powder.


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*** You can apply your concealer before or after foundation.

(I apply my brows and eye makeup after step 2).

And my favorite foundation tip?

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That’s all I’ve got for today! Hope this helped somewhat and please feel free to leave questions below!

xxx&o Meg