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DIY: Rose Water & Aloe Facial Mist.

Hello lovelies!

Summer has officially landed here in Ohio and I’ve already had my first awful sunburn. This brought me to my most recent DIY- rose water. I’m a frequent buyer of the cult favorite Mario Badescu Rose facial mist, but I always wondered about making my own..

Since my rose bushes were on their last legs for this bloom, I snatched up the petals and got crafty! And I loved my results! Want to make your own rose water facial mist at home? Keep reading love!

Natural glycerin is great for moisturizing the skin. Be sure to pick one that is plant based- the chemical based versions are not good for the skin. Don’t worry too much about your rose petals- mine came right off of a bush, but you can use store bought or gifted roses just the same. My bottle is actually a recycled Mario Badescu one. I reuse them all the time- they are great for alcohol and water in a kit or on a vanity at home, and are the perfect size. And the aloe vera gel is good for calming redness and refreshing thirsty skin! You will also need a small saucepan, small strainer, and a measuring cup with a pouring lip for ease. Let’s get started, shall we?

I like to gently press a spoon against the petals before straining, just to remove any last rosey goodness, lol. Look at that beautiful natural color!

You can also add a drop of your favorite essential oil or extract. Just be cautious with essential oils, as some of them can cause sun sensitivity.

(Lol at my homemade funnel)

Don’t be afraid- mist your face whenever you need a pick me up, to settle your makeup, or to cool down on a hot day! It is all natural after all!

Note: The rose scent won’t be as strong as in the MB one- but his is an added fragrance, not from the roses. The less ingredients, the better. The benefits are in the rose oils and essence 🙂

Do you have any favorite beauty DIYs? Do share! I’m always looking for new beauty crafts.

Until next time,




Summer Eye Look- Cerulean and Rose Gold.

Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to show you an easy (no liquid liner, yay!), colorful, and universally flattering eye look.


Want to learn how to do this look? Keep reading!


Here are the products I used. You clearly don’t have to use these exact products, so I took photos so you can see if you have dupes for these colors:


1. Apply eyeshadow primer all over the eye, including the lower lash line.

2. Apply the NYX shade (it’s just slightly darker than the BH Cosmetics mint color) all over the lid.

3. Apply the cerulean blue shade to the outer lid and blend that over into the crease to create depth.

4. Use the warm coral to blend out the crease. I blended mine under the inner brow as well, but you can do what you feel comfortable with.

5. Apply the NYX shade under the lower lash line avoiding the inner corner.

6. Blend some of the cerulean near the outer corner on the lower lash line. I used a small detail brush for this step. This shade will end up making a little sideways ‘V’ at the outer edge of the eye.

7. Apply the Rimmel cream shade to the inner corner and use the BH mint to blend it up onto the lid and into the lower lash line. This will complete the ‘ombré’ look of the eye.

8. Apply the Milani shade under the brow bone.

9. Line the waterline with the blue liner and apply lashes!

10. Conceal and go!



I can’t wait to be finished with all of this house buying business, so I can do YouTube tutorials! I think videos are so much easier to follow! Do you like this look? Any other looks you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

xxx&o Meg

Diy: At Home Professional Pedicure.

I absolutely love the pampering of a professional pedicure, but I can’t always slap down the dough it takes to get one. Luckily, I got through the pedicure section of cosmetology school and know how to give a professional one myself. Here, I’ll walk you through my basic pedicure procedure so you can do it at home too. I’ll also throw in some add-ons if you want to take it to the next level. And just a tip- most men (and other ladies!) love pedicures and would love a little pampering as a gift. I do them often for my guy- I like him to have soft tootsies too! haha. Before you get started, be sure to grab a tub to soak your feet (I use a Rubbermaid bin) and to sanitize all of your tools thoroughly. Even if you’re the only one using them, bacteria is still there lingering (I use barbicide because I’m a germaphobe). With that said, here we go!

Processed with Rookie

Sorry my feet are so not cute. Oi.

Processed with Rookie

Step two can be varied depending on your preferences. I like to use a muscle soak by LIFE that I adore (it smells like eucalyptus) to soak my feet, but you can use epsom salts, bubble bath, oils, flower petals, tea, or anything else you want to. Make it as fancy or as basic as you like. I only recommend 10-15 minutes of soaking because you don’t want your nails getting too saturated and soft, since you’ll be painting them soon after.

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Before you pull your feet out of the tub, I recommend using a pedicure scrub. It really preps your feet for removing the dead skin and they usually smell and feel great. I like the OPI pedicure scrubs (many fragrances available) and the Sally Hansen one too (lavender).

Processed with Rookie

I really recommend getting a nice callus remover. I love this one from Earth Theraputics ($10, available at Ulta). It has a double sided plate and a smaller double sided file that slips out of the base. Be gentle when filing and take your time, so you don’t take off too much. Ouch. For the lotion massage, I recommend a heavy lotion. Be sure to sweep your hands up your calves and focus on the arch of your foot. This promotes blood flow, relieves pressure, and obviously helps with relaxation. Be sure to show some love- at least four minutes. You can jazz this step up by wrapping your freshly massaged feet in a warm, wet towel. I just run two small dishtowels under hot water, wring them out, and wrap up my feet. It really helps the lotion soak in and just feels plain old amazing.

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Can I just say that that cuticle pusher gives me life? Because it does.

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Be sure to add a base coat and topcoat to have a longer lasting pedi. You’ve come this far, go that extra mile! Haha. At least there are drying drops! You can also add a little cuticle cream to your toes if you’d like. If you have lotion residue on your nails, dip a cotton swab in some acetone and run it over each nail before painting.

Clean your tools later, after all, your toes do have to dry. All you have to do is slip on a face mask, some cucumber slices and throw on a cozy bathrobe.

Sounds good, eh?

xxx&o Meg

Easy Studded Mani.

Here’s a quick, low cost, and unique mani just about anyone can do!





For this look, I used LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in ‘Cactus’ ($1 at Dollar General) and Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish in ‘The Gold & the Beautiful’ ($1.99 at Dollar General or the like). I also used nail studs which were on clearance for $1.49 at my ULTA. Yours may have some too and if not, these are easy to find and this look works just as well with nail or small craft rhinestones.

I applied ULTA Professional base coat and two coats of ‘Cactus’. I added a little ‘The Gold & the Beautiful’ at the tips of the nails. Next, while my nails were still tacky, I placed my studs in a simple design that I liked. I painted a little ‘The Gold & the Beautiful’ on top of the studs. I finished the look with Nicole by OPI High Shine Top Coat and Burt’s Bee’s Cuticle Cream (which I love!).

I highly recommend the color ‘Cactus’. Not only is the price amazing, but the green gold color really brings in the compliments. It’s just a unique shade! Don’t worry though, cheap polishes work great with a good base coat and top coat to seal it in.

Hope you liked the look!

xxx&o Meg

My Favorite DIY: Lip Scrub.

I’m a crafty girl, but to be crafty in a busy world, said craft has to be easy and worth the DIY. Enter: le lip scrub. I make my lip scrub using just coconut oil, all natural honey, sugar (brown or white is fine) and a touch of natural food coloring. It works fabulously, is very cheap and quick to make and tastes great (but you can add flavor if you like). Honey helps keep the scrub bacteria free and coconut oil helps with texture and added moisture. I mix mine in a small bowl (eye ball your ingredients to the amount and consistency you prefer). I store mine in a recycled 1 oz. play dough container that snaps closed. Because it’s so cheap to make (as much as I love LUSH), I always make my own.

Processed with Rookie

And here’s what it looks like in action: