NYX Pro Foundation Mixers: Review & Swatches.

Hey beauties!

I know I’ve been gone awhile- and quite a bit has happened since we’ve spoken last. But that’s a whole different post, haha. Today I want to tell you about the NYX Pro Foundation Mixers. What is a foundation mixer you ask? Keep reading!

Building a kit for a makeup artistry career is not a cheap thing to do- especially when you want the best for your clients. I had been struggling with how to handle purchasing enough foundations to span the skin tones, without breaking the bank. I have eight shades of UD Naked Skin (my preferred foundation) and clearly that’s not enough to do the job. I had heard about foundation mixers, but had never really needed them until this point in my career. Enter the NYX Pro Foundation Mixers!


I purchased five of the six available shades- Luminous, Warmth, Olive, Deep, and White. The other shade is a white based luminizer, and I felt that the ‘Luminous’ one I purchased would do the trick for any skin tone. They retail for $10 each (1.01 fl.oz.) on the NYX website and in Ulta Beauty stores.


Here is what the tip looks like:


I love that it’s very precise- it makes for less waste, as with these, a little goes a long way! Think of it like paint- you can completely customize your foundation by darkening, lightening, or adjusting the undertones! I took the liberty or doing some sample mixes for you to see the mixers in action.


And now:



The mixers do not change the consistency of the original foundation! I recently used them for a wedding and they went off without a hitch! They even photographed well! I am beyond happy with these- not only for the price, but how well they get the job done. I highly recommend them! They have also been saving me on getting a new foundation because I’m no longer paper white, yay summer!  I just mix my too-light Born This Way with a little ‘Deep’ and ‘Warmth’, to make a custom shade that matches perfectly all summer long!


Price: ★★★★★

Quality: ★★★★

Effectiveness: ★★★★★

Ease of Use: ★★★

(Matching is the hardest part!)

Would I Repurchase?:  Definite Yes!

Have you tried these mixers? Would you be willing to give your color theory a test? Let me know in the comments!








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