Makeup Revolution: Mermaids Forever Palette.

Hello lovelies! Recently I ordered the Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever eyeshadow palette to use up my $10 off birthday coupon from Ulta. I had never tried the brand and although they are low end (I could’ve used the coupon on ANY item unlike most coupons they provide) I thought it’d be fun to try something new and affordable for you. This palette was $15, so I got it for only $5 and also picked up a $3 lipstick too, but that’s another post. But speaking of lipstick, I have to divert to tell you a very sad, tragic story.

With all the chaos and added stress from moving, my fiance and I went to watch the Browns game live to check out the new stadium and do something fun. When we came home, I discovered that my dog had gone into my lipstick drawer and eaten SEVEN of my precious Wet n’ Wild Satin finish lipsticks. He smudged them all into our rug in the living room- a location TWO rooms over from the original crime scene. That means he walked into my beauty room seven separate times to grab a tube and carry it into the living room where he could devour it maniacally. After nearly crying and chanting ‘You love your dog’ over and over, I forgave him. But UGH, talk about heartbreak. Here is a photo of my fur-child, Yogi, for reference of his cuteness:


He’s too cute to hate. Little bastard, lol. Anywho, let’s get the palette now that I’m done wallowing.


The box is a shiny sea blue green, but it’s just their regular old black, sleek packaging inside. Mine was slightly scuffed right at opening, which slightly annoys me. When you order NYX a lot of the time it’s scuffed up too. I guess that’s the price you pay to save a dime! There are 32 shades in this palette which happen to have adorable sea themed names- which brings me to complaint number two.. I had researched quite a bit before actually ordering this which is pretty typical behavior when it comes to me and online ordering, but everyone who I had seen with this palette it had come with an insert with all the shadow names on it. My sheet was plain clear plastic, so I had to write them in with a sharpie:


My inner OCD hates this… Buttt, we’ll let it slide-this time. Let’s review some swatches and then we can talk about what I thought after using.

image (1)

The pigmentation is just kind of okay. These swatches are over UD original primer potion! I just wasn’t all that impressed considering my 120 Color eyeshadow palette by BH Cosmetics was only $15 and was way more pigmented with bazillions more shades to choose from. I like it when I paid $5 for it which would make it a steal, but at full retail for $15, not all that. The shades are also ALL shimmer, which I knew when ordering, but I could never just take this palette for travel because I like mattes in the crease and for blending. I would be willing to try a different palette from this company, but this one is definitely not my favorite.

Price: ★★

Pigmentation: ★★★

Packaging: ★★★★

Variety of Colors: ★★★★

Would I repurchase: Meh. Not any time soon.

Have you tried this palette before? How about any others from this brand? Please share your experience! I don’t want to give up on them just yet! lol.

xxx&o Meg


3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Mermaids Forever Palette.”

  1. Bahaha omg so sorry to laugh at your pain but that’s actually very funny! I had a similar scenario when my 2 year old dug into two my Too Faced Lacreme lipsticks…. I didn’t cry thank God but you do have to take a moment to remember which is more important… the child (fur baby in your case) or the lipstick. And your poor rug! Leave the palette out as an offering… maybe he’ll take that next time and leave your lipsticks alone 😉


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