Summer Eye Look- Cerulean and Rose Gold.

Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to show you an easy (no liquid liner, yay!), colorful, and universally flattering eye look.


Want to learn how to do this look? Keep reading!


Here are the products I used. You clearly don’t have to use these exact products, so I took photos so you can see if you have dupes for these colors:


1. Apply eyeshadow primer all over the eye, including the lower lash line.

2. Apply the NYX shade (it’s just slightly darker than the BH Cosmetics mint color) all over the lid.

3. Apply the cerulean blue shade to the outer lid and blend that over into the crease to create depth.

4. Use the warm coral to blend out the crease. I blended mine under the inner brow as well, but you can do what you feel comfortable with.

5. Apply the NYX shade under the lower lash line avoiding the inner corner.

6. Blend some of the cerulean near the outer corner on the lower lash line. I used a small detail brush for this step. This shade will end up making a little sideways ‘V’ at the outer edge of the eye.

7. Apply the Rimmel cream shade to the inner corner and use the BH mint to blend it up onto the lid and into the lower lash line. This will complete the ‘ombré’ look of the eye.

8. Apply the Milani shade under the brow bone.

9. Line the waterline with the blue liner and apply lashes!

10. Conceal and go!



I can’t wait to be finished with all of this house buying business, so I can do YouTube tutorials! I think videos are so much easier to follow! Do you like this look? Any other looks you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

xxx&o Meg


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