Shop Miss A: Experience, Reviews & Swatches.

Hey lovelies! I’m still full swing in my makeup challenge, but I just had to come and and tell you guys about my experience with If you aren’t familiar with MissA, it’s a website where everything is just $1. They have makeup, accessories, jewelry, body jewelry- all kinds of stuff really. I first heard about this site through the grapevine and after watching many other vlogger’s hauls on YouTube, I felt comfortable enough to place an order. As if the whole ‘everything’s $1’ thing wasn’t good enough- the shipping is $3.95 flat rate and comes from Texas (so if you get one item or sixty, your shipping cost will be the same. If you spend over $35, it also becomes eligible for priority upgrade shipping). If you want to check any of these videos out for yourself, search ‘Miss A Haul’ on YouTube and quite a few results will come up.

I actually ordered twice from them- two separate orders because they had restocked a bunch of colors and products I was interested in trying. The orders were at my front door in about seven days and I had the priority upgrade shipping both times. The packages came in plastic bag mailers. The products in the bag mailer are wrapped in foam sheeting and then tissue paper, then wrapped in a layer of jumbo bubble wrap. I was truly impressed with care and time they placed in that. They also include a packing slip that shows who filled the order and has each item checked off like an inventory.

So, what did I get? And was it worth the $1? Keep reading..

Let’s start off with some of the things I ordered that are worth skipping..

Processed with Rookie

These lipsticks are really pretty craptastic. They smell awkwardly of childhood, apply patchy to the lips, and are greasy in texture. ‘Golden Rule’ is really the only decent one and after watching those haul videos, apparently the application is pretty crappy across the board, even with the other colors I didn’t grab. It still smells weird, but I’m sure I will use that one. Overall, just no.

Processed with Rookie

Here we have the Kleanista Creme Lipsticks. You know I got all excited when I saw those colors. Talk about disappointment. These apply like total trash- all except for ‘Cast of Spell’ which is actually gorgeous and pretty opaque. It has a completely different formula than the rest! So other than that one awesome shade, these are a no go.

Now we can get to the good stuff..

First, jewelry. I ordered quite a variety of jewelry seeing as everything is just $1. I got a lip stud, faux gauges for my ears, a charm bracelet, thirteen charms and these:

Processed with Rookie

The jewelry I ordered is fantastic quality for the price! I’m talking at least the quality of Forever21 jewelry for just $1 a piece. The ring pictured above is heavy weight and has an adjustable band. They need to be clear coated to prevent tarnishing, but so worth it! The body jewelry was great quality too and they have quite the selection of items. They also add new designs quite frequently and restock quickly, which was a bonus. I also ordered a few pairs of undies just to see (lol, sorry no pictures) and even those were decent quality! I will say, sizes run small- I’m a size 4 or 6 in jeans and I ordered size large and they fit perfectly. Thumbs up.

Processed with Rookie

I saw this and thought it was pretty cool and I was blown away by the pigmentation! They were sold out of black or I would’ve chosen that instead, but I love ‘Indigo’! It comes in a gigantic pan too. The swatches are over UD Original Primer Potion and I recommend a primer because they will stain your eyelid otherwise. Loved it!

Processed with Rookie

I love a cream color and couldn’t resist trying this one! It really has quite a bit of pigment, blends beautifully, and is pretty close to Benefit’s ‘Majorette’ cream blush. They have many other shades available and you get a ton of product.

Processed with Rookie

Would you just look at that pigment!?! Can you even believe these are just one single dollar? Believe it. There are at least twenty different shades available and they too come in generous portions. They are buttery and smooth and easy to get addicted to (obviously, lol). ‘Mauve’ is my new bestie.

Processed with Rookie

I ordered 10 pairs of lashes ( I know- brave) and a set of individual lashes. I love them! They are easily as good as Ardell or Eyelure but just $1 a pair. They have a large variety and they make it easy to stock up for a kit or event. I was completely surprised! I also couldn’t pass up those lovely sponges!

Processed with Rookie

This blush is so buttery- I can’t even tell you. I’m totally in love. The packaging totally sucks and it comes with this cheapo teeny blush brush, but for four quarters- yes! There are a few other shades in this line available as well.

Processed with Rookie

I liked four out of the five eyeshadow brushes I ordered- one of them sheds terribly and is by Kleancolor. Two are from ELF so those were obvious choices. I should say they offer quite a bit of ELF products, but I tried not to order those things because I know how they are and already like them. The sticky pencil makes it so much easier to put jewels on nails and eye looks and the wheel of nail gems was a total deal! It comes with quite a few shapes and they are the teeny size that looks great on eyes too. The striping tape is just meh and I didn’t think it was sticky enough- two thick coats of topcoat would probably be enough to lock it down, but I haven’t tried that yet. Shop MissA has literally tons of nail art stuff- decals, jewels, wraps, etc. I highly recommend it to the nail lovers out there!

And finally.. the best grab of the whole haul.

Processed with Rookie

These baked eyeshadow quads are a phenomenal value. I could go on and on about not only the pigmentation, but the sizes of the shadows in the quad. The packaging is decent and they have four palettes of these available. I seriously would compare the pigmentation of these to Urban Decay shadows, plus you get four for $1!! The swatches are DRY over UD Original Primer Potion. I haven’t even swatched them wet, but I can only imagine the intensity they will have. I promise you will not regret these- omg.

If you look up these products on other sites- they go for more, except for the ELF stuff. I highly recommend checking this stuff out- tried, tested, and true!

Have you ordered from MissA? Let me know what you think.

xxx&o Meg


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